Pain Free is Possible

There is a solution

Have you been asking yourself if you will ever get your life back from chronic pain, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual? This is a question I hear from my clients daily. Chronic pain is an epidemic with seemingly no solution. I am here to tell you that there is a solution, one that I have discovered for myself and my clients. If you feel like you tried everything, and nothing has worked, I am here for you.

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What my clients are saying:


"Kristi is extremely talented at healing and is very intuitive.  She helped me clear some energy, a "spear" from my throat chakra, as she pulled it away I could physically feel movement across my tongue! She balanced my root chakra, pulled negative cords and "thinned" cords to my family (which has been a game changer). As she does the healing or balancing, you can actually physically feel movement! I felt so much better after our session. She knew things about me that she could have never known. She really eased my mind and gave me solid insight and advice that I took on a situation. I kept remembering her words throughout the day. I will definitely call her again, she's the real deal."



Kristi is an incredibly powerful healer. She just cleared a past-life attachment and it feels like a 10 ton truck has just been lifted off of me. She is amazing! My heartfelt thanks, Kristi.



Kristi's "let's get you moving" healing is terrific. I was feeling really stuck and swamped and within a short time Kristi had raised my energy levels, restored my enthusiasm for life and had given me some precise suggestions about how to move forward. I'm really grateful, Kristi is one tremendous healer.



I just had a "core belief clearing" with Kristi and it was awesome. She released a whole lot of old damaging, self-sabotaging, belittling beliefs and the difference is astonishing. I feel so free, strong and self-empowered. Kristi, my profoundest thanks. And I would recommend this healing to everyone.



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