As 2016 draws to a close and we look ahead to 2017 I have a word in my mind, a word that I want to work on for myself and help you to cultivate in the coming year. That word is Resilience. Resilience means having the ability to recover from difficulty. It is the ability to bounce back, return to normal quickly after any kind of a jarring event.

Resilience is learned, we may have developed it in childhood if we were given the skills and resources we needed, or we may have not had what we needed to learn resilience. The good news is that resilience is something we can develop at any time in our lives. Resilience is important in developing inner peace, happiness and satisfaction in life.


I am going to look at resilience from several different angles (thoughts, emotions, support, energy and meaning) on my radio show, Kindred Spirits, in January. I will address each of these areas on a deeper level throughout the month, but here are my preliminary thoughts on each area of resilience.


Thoughts: Our thoughts are so powerful, controlling so much that we perceive in life. If we get stuck in thoughts that repeat a trauma or challenging event over and over we don’t recover from that event. It continues to live inside our heads. Learning to release repetitive thoughts is an important skill when working toward resilience.


Emotions: Our emotions are similar to breathing, they happen to us without intention, they just are. It is our chosen reaction to our emotions that is key to resilience. We do have control over what we do with our emotions, it is a choice. Learning to choose consciously how we manage our emotional state gives us power over our situation, which develops resilience. We can learn to recover quickly, release emotional energy, and move on from any situation.


Support: We all need support from other people. Developing a strong support system of relationships that give to us as much as we give to them is key to developing resilience. When we know we are not alone, that we can ask for and receive help, we are stronger, therefore, more resilient.


Energy: The health of our energy body is key to resilience. When we are balanced and centered and have the internal resources necessary to work through any issue. Feeling grounded makes us feel safe, which leads to resilience.


Meaning: Belief is something beyond ourselves is key to resilience. We need to have meaning in our lives. Feeling connected to others and having a sense that we are working toward something that matters develops resilience.  It doesn’t matter what we believe, just that we do feel a connection to something bigger than we are, a sense that there is a reason for all we go through.

I went deeper on this topic on Kindred Spirits.


Watch the show here!

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