Energy Body Resilience

I have been hosting talk radio for 6 ½ years. I love radio, fell in love on my first live show and have been talking on the air waves ever since.

Our first incarnation of the The Psychic Sisters was a call in show on Blogtalk Radio. On that first show we had 10 callers. I have never been so overwhelmed in my life as I was that day, watching the call queue fill up. I was unprepared for how radio would affect my energy. I never really thought about what it meant to have all of those people, people I didn’t know, plugging in to me during the show. After the show I was exhausted, drained. This seemed strange to me because radio was such a positive experience. It took me a while to figure out the energy dynamics of radio. People listening felt connected to what I had to say, plugged in to me during the show, and afterward I was exhausted. I learned that I needed to push my energy out into the world as I spoke on the radio, sending a big burst of love and positivity to everyone listening. This way I could share who I am, inspire others, and come away from radio feeling energized. This is energy resilience. Using our thoughts to control our energy bodies for a positive result is key to resilience.


I have been teaching for a long time that our thoughts control the function of our energy bodies. This can happen intentionally or unconsciously. It happens no matter what, but learning to direct our energy with conscious intent gives a whole new level of control over ourselves. Here are a few examples from my own experiences.


While working in my metaphysical store I occasionally had a customer walk in the door who I knew immediately had ill intent for me. I could feel it emanating from them in waves. In my mind I slammed my energy door shut, closing off energy interaction between me and the other person. This kept me safe from energy attack, attachment or whatever else the person intended. There are all kinds of people in the world, and not all of them have our best interest at heart. It is ok to close yourself off for protection. Your energy door should never stay closed, it is a short-term solution meant for protection. Closing yourself off long term will damage your relationships, distance you from people in a way you don’t want.


While working a social worker I discovered that many of my clients were plugging their energy extension cords into me. They struggled with emotional problems and felt safe and stable with me. That is a good thing, but I couldn’t allow someone to take my life force energy. That is not healthy for anyone. I learned to send life force energy to them, love from my heart, while with them in order to help them and protect me.


I am an empath and have a tendency to pick up emotional energy from all the people I come into contact with. I discovered that my bubble, the energy that emanates from me to my arm’s length, would fill up with other people’s emotional energy. This bubble is meant to be my own energy it is what I use to interact with the world. It was very confusing when that field of energy was loaded with other people’s emotions. I learned that draining the extra emotional energy from my bubble every day kept me feeling bright and clear, vibrating high and sure of my own needs and desires.


I went deeper on this topic on my radio show, Kindred Spirits.


Watch the show here!

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