Perspective: Growth and Divine Timing

We humans are an impatient bunch! I am saying this directly to myself. We live in a “need it now” world, and any kind of waiting seems to have become excruciating for many of us. This means that we often ram rod our desires down the throat of the Universe and expect immediate results. When the results don’t come immediately we tend to assume that our desires are not being heard, we don’t matter and don’t get what we want anyway, etc. Ok, I’m serious, we have to slow down a little and allow things to grow naturally. 

At my spiritual center we have two Meyer Lemon trees. They sit in front of a large window and are actually growing real lemons. I have been watching the lemons all summer, very slowly turn from green to yellow. It has taken months for the lemons to ripen. For a long time they looked like limes and then a very small yellow spot started to form, slowly over a few weeks the sun facing side of the lemons turned yellow. We rotated the trees and the other side turned yellow as well. Up until this experience I was familiar only with lemons in the grocery store, already yellow and ready to eat. I have learned a lot about growth and divine timing watching the tiny lemons form in the center of blossoms, slowly grow to full size and slowly ripen in the sun. Recently we cut one open to taste it and Voila! It tasted like a real lemon, only better somehow. Giving it the time to fully ripen and mature in its own time gave a sweeter, fuller taste. Had I been foolish enough to cut into the green lemons I think I would have had a pretty unpleasant surprise.


I will be the first to admit that I have forced the issue, pushed through all the road blocks and ate the green lemon many times in my life. I have been impatient and refused to wait for growth to occur naturally, distrusting divine timing. And every time I think, I am never doing that again. And yet, sometimes I do. I think we all do. Other times I feel so connected to the divine flow, trusting and willing to let it all play out as it is meant to. So, what’s the difference? What drives the fear and distrust? It is different for each of us, but spending some time exploring that for yourself is very important. Let’s talk!

I went deeper on this topic on Kindred Spirits.


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