Balance is one of those buzzwords in the metaphysical community that seems to have lost its meaning. We talk about it a lot, decide we need more of it, are out of it or are somehow disconnected from it. We never really lose it, we just need to place our attention and intention on staying balanced within ourselves and our relationships. 

I look for balance in a person’s life and energy body in several ways. Balance in the energy body simply means that the vibration and flow of energy is distributed evenly within the system. I am looking for balance inside the closed system of the energy body. You cannot compare two energy bodies to find balance, it is different inside each of us. This means that comparing ourselves to others is useless. It simply does not help to try to be like someone else who you think appears balanced. Energy balance is an internal job. 


Balance in relationships means that there is give and take between two people that roughly evens out. It does not mean splitting everything exactly 50/50. It means that when one is in need the other gives and vice versa. This is a common issue in relationships, where one gives and gives and the other takes and takes. This is true in individual relationships but is also true on a community and global level.


I also look for balance in physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual life areas. Are we heavy on physical and intellectual activity and ignoring our emotional and spiritual health? This leads to imbalance. We can feel numb and disconnected if we don’t make an effort to express our emotions and honor how we feel. Spirituality is individual and looks different for every individual. There is no right way to be be spiritual, there is just your way. It takes some work to develop your own spirituality and stick with it, but the sense of connection does really pay off.


There are so many ways to look at balance, but here are a few keys to remember.

-Balance is not perfection.

-Balance takes attention and intention.

-We need balance in all areas of our lives to be happy.

-Balance is a daily practice, we will work for it for our whole lives.

-Our center, where we find balance inside ourselves, changes over time.

-My balance and your balance are different.

-Balance is an action word, it takes effort.

-Balance is never truly lost. If you misplace it, you can get it back again.

I went deeper on this topic on Kindred Spirits.


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