Managing Frustration

I know that we live in a world of conveniences and “gotta have it now” thinking. I am just as susceptible as anyone else to irritation and frustration when things don’t work out as I want them to.

This week has been fraught with slow downs, miscommunications and irritations. It is in the air! Below are a few tips for managing those moments when you just want to scream and throw things.


-Stop and breath. Take 10 deep, intentional breaths. As you are breathing out visualize the tense energy in your body leaving you in a cloud of colored smoke. You choose the color.


-Take a break. If a situation seems to be stuck in the mud and all you are is frustrated, go do something else for a while. Listen to music, take a walk or watch a funny video. Removing your attention creates relief inside of you.


-Ask for help. Is there someone in your life that could take over solving this issue? Or at least offer their support? You don’t have to solve everything alone.


-Be direct. State how you are feeling and ask for a better resolution. Often a slow down is due to another person’s situation and they don’t realize they are frustrating you.


-Take it to the top. Sometimes you have to seek a higher authority when you aren’t getting what you need. It is ok to ask for a supervisor and express your frustration. It is healing for you to say how you feel and often a person in authority will help you.


-Let it all out. Do you ever sit in your car and scream? It can really help. Also, I am not above flipping off my phone if I am on hold and frustrated. I do my best to be kind and understanding with people but I do also silently express myself, or loudly after the fact, because those emotions need to be expended.


-Send it all down. If you are feeling full of tense, frustrated energy, send it down your body and out your feet to be healed in the earth. This also grounds you which helps relieve anxiety.


I went deeper with this topic on my radio show, Kindred Spirits.


Watch the show here!

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