A Defining Moment

I had a defining moment this week. One of those moments that you will never forget, it's in your head like a Norman Rockwell painting that never disappears.

My family was in court, which might seem like a funny place to have a defining moment. But actually it was one of those moments where you feel so seen, so recognized, so validated that you can never forget it. We were there to renew guardianship of our son. And of course I was nervous, this guardianship is very important, it allows us to protect him and protect our family. I spent a lot of time writing to the judge and the attorneys about everything that's happened in the last 3 years in order to ensure that this would be approved. As I shared our story, everything that we have been through in the last three years since we were originally granted guardianship of our son, I realized how silly it was to be afraid. After we had all made our statements the judge turned to Ronda and I and granted us permanent guardianship of our son and commended us on the work that we have done with him, on how we have parented him, protected him and made sure that he has everything that he needs. In that moment I realized how very hard I am on myself as a parent. I had walked into that room afraid that maybe we would be judged, that maybe we hadn't done enough. It was only after it was reflected back to me, by a judge of all people, that I realize that it's okay to see myself as a good parent, it's okay to recognize that I work really hard for my son. This experience led me to spend some time exploring self-acceptance and self-love.


Do you ever feel like you just constantly strive to be better and better without taking any time to accept yourself? I know that I do, and I have to stop myself, and recognize where I've already been what I've already done. We put so much energy into striving for more, that we forget to acknowledge and appreciate the growth we have experienced.


I went deeper on this topic on my radio, Kindred Spirits.


Watch the video here!

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