Where Do We Go?

It has been a weird couple of weeks in my neck of the woods. I know of about 10 suicides and several fatal car accidents. For small town Idaho that is a lot of death in just a few days. Many of my clients have been asking questions about death, where do we go, what it is like, etc.

Over the years as a psychic and a social worker I have worked on many cases involving suicide, murder, and sudden death. I know this is a tough subject for many of us, but I come to you with hope. As a psychic I make connections with those who have crossed over all the time. I would like to share questions I get regularly, and the answers I have discovered.


Did my loved one cross all the way over? 99% of the time the answer to this question is yes. On very rare occasions a soul gets stuck, a foot in both worlds, so to speak. It is apparent immediately if this is the case. A soul who is stuck is frantic. Connecting with them is scary and painful. I have worked with souls in this condition many times. Most of the time, with my help, they can move on. Some souls choose to stay stuck. When someone doesn’t cross all the way over they maintain their ego. If a person lived in fear that they would go to hell, be punished, etc. they may refuse to cross all the way over. The fears are not real, there is no hell. No punishment, just a return to a state of love and peace.


Is my loved one ok? Yes, they are always ok. They have shed their body and their ego. They are pure energy, their whole soul self. They are peaceful and full of love.


Are they mad about (fill in the blank)? No, the cares of this existence fall away when we leave our bodies. Do they care who came to their funeral, who gets the house, etc? No, they truly don’t. They do care if you are ok, they want you to do whatever makes you happy and they want you to have what you need. You cannot do the wrong thing after someone dies, they love you unconditionally and support whatever decisions you make.


Why don’t I feel them near me? There are several answers to this question. Sometimes they stay away for a while to allow us to grieve. Being too close can simply be too painful, so they give us time. The other answer is that often there are signs that we miss. We have to be truly open to any communication, if we expect them to come through in a certain way we are missing the signs.


My loved one commit suicide, are they in trouble? This is a common fear, and the answer in my experience is always, no, they are in the same place as everyone else who crosses over. Punishment for suicide is a human concept, it simply does not exist on the spirit plane.


Where do we go when we die? This is a more complicated answer. It’s not like there is an address. I read energy, and I see our existence in a continuum of frequency. In a physical body we are a lower frequency, after we shed our body we rise up to a higher frequency, a higher level. We aren’t really in a different place, just vibrating higher than those in the physical. The difference in vibration creates a sense of separation.


After 20 years of working with people who have crossed over I have no doubt that this lifetime is only one experience in the perpetual existence of our souls. Losing people is incredibly painful, and often our fears set in. I have learned through my communication and experiences with many many souls that dying is physical, we all continue on.


I went deeper with this topic on my radio show Kindred Spirits.


Watch the show here!

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