Energy Shift Scopes-June 2017

Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you're walking through mud? Check your Energy Shift Scope every month to find a way to shift your energy. Shifting your energy creates movement in your life, it creates change, it creates growth, and it moves you forward toward your goals. 

Aries: If I were singing these scopes, Aries, I would be singing that annoying song from Frozen, Let It Go. This month the energy that is keeping you stuck is the energy of holding on to something that no longer serves you. It’s time to practice taking out the trash. An easy way to do this is to sit in meditation and visualize yourself throwing rocks into a pond. With each rock say something out loud that you need to let go of and then throw it in the water. Don't carry any of those rocks in your pockets cuz, you know, it's time to Let It Go.


Taurus: Taurus you have a sliver in your heart chakra. This month the thing that's keeping you stuck is some old emotional pain that you're still hanging on to. It's something that everybody else has walked away from a long time ago but you seem unable to release it. It causes you pain and discomfort and holds you back from being truly open in your heart. In order to release it let's practice some journaling this month. You need a dumping journal, this is a journal that you use to release anything that you don't want to carry with you anymore. This is not a journal to leave around for your posterity. This is one of those things you don't want anyone else to read and you never need to read it again either. Write down all that painful stuff that's in your heart, say all the bad words, get it all out and once you have filled up the book, burn it.


Gemini: Gemini this month things that are keeping you stuck are all about perfection. You're not perfect and neither is anybody else in your life, so get over it. This month your job is to practice allowing. Practice letting things be just exactly as they are, without trying to change them. This will take some practice and you will resist because perfectionism is something that you struggle with. Start each new day with the goal that you aren't going to try to change anything about yourself or anyone else in your life, simply accept everything as it is. Write the word “Accept” on some post-it notes and put in places where you need to see it. Maybe on the mirror in your bathroom, maybe on the steering wheel of your car, or anywhere else that you might be that you do a lot of overthinking and trying to change everything.


Cancer: Cancer this month you're getting stuck in that idea that everything has to be fair. Well it doesn't, sometimes somebody else wins, sometimes somebody else gets the better deal. The idea of fairness is useless in this world. Nothing's fair, all you can do is appreciate what you have now and not worry about what the other guy is getting. A gratitude exercise will help shift you out of this fairness thinking into a place of observing what you do have and being grateful for it. Try keeping a gratitude journal for the month. Everyday write down 10 things that you are grateful for and once a week go back and reread. I think you may be surprised at all the fantastic things that you have in your life! Include people, relationships, pets, your job and anything else that you are grateful for. Some days it might just be a hot cup of coffee and that's okay.


Leo: Leo this month you're spreading yourself too thin. You're working too hard, you're doing too much and you're not giving yourself enough time to rest. You feel stuck. You feel like you never stop and you feel like you never get to do anything you want to do. It's time to get yourself out of that cycle. Work on a priorities journal this month. Everyday make a list of the things that are really important to you today. It can include your job and of course your family and any other obligations that you have But be sure to include things that really matter to you, what's something you really want to do today? As you work on this journal you'll find that your priorities will begin to shift you will notice things that you've been putting high on the list that really aren't that important to you. By the end of the month you'll find that you will  have let some things go that really no longer matter, or the take up too much of your time, or you're doing simply out of obligation.


Virgo: Virgo have you ever noticed that no matter how much advice you give, other people still just keep making their own choices? This month it's a great idea to get out of the place of trying to change everybody else and control everybody else's life, and just focus on your own. There is no doubt that you are wise and that you have lots of great things to offer this world, but other people are going to do what they're going to do. You feel stuck because of other people's problems, it's time to let go of that. This month practice focusing on yourself and your own life. Use thought stopping to assist you with this. Every time you think about somebody else's issues and something they're struggling with and what you could do to help them stop yourself intentionally and shift your focus to something in your own life. It will take practice to shift your habit in thinking away from other people's stuff, and into your own.


Libra: Libra this month it’s stuff that's keeping you stuck. It's time to de-junk, let go of things that no longer serve you, and give yourself some clarity. Go through your closets, clear out your drawers, and release anything that really doesn't serve you any more, stuff you don't like, let go of things you haven't used in six months or a year or five years. You need clarity in the energy in your home, and clutter is getting in the way of that. This is your opportunity to donate some things that can be used by someone else, to sell some things to give yourself some money to go get a massage, and to release yourself from the obligation of things.


Scorpio: Scorpio this month you are too hard on yourself and that is keeping you stuck. There are some things you'd like to move forward with, but honestly you have some fear that's all about “Am I really good enough?” The bottom line is that yes, of course you are and everyone around you would say, “what are you thinking of course, you're good enough”, but it's about changing your own thoughts about yourself that will get you out of this rut. Now I could tell you to stand in the mirror everyday and look at yourself and say “I love you” but I know that you would tell me to fuck off if I did that, so let's try something else. Instead let's try practicing seeing yourself as though you were seeing someone else. You're very good at seeing the good in everybody else now it's time to turn that on yourself This is not mirror work but this is getting outside of yourself. This is best done in meditation, in a space where there is no judgement allowed, so tell yourself that and then practice. Think about yourself, your life, your achievements and everything that you've done and everywhere that you're headed as though you were seeing this in someone that you care about. If you were to look at your life from the outside how would you feel about it? Practice objectively reviewing yourself like you do everyone that you meet everyday, it's a shift in thinking and it will take practice but I know you can do it.


Sagittarius: Sag you are too scattered this month. You've got too many irons in the fire. You've said yes too many times and this is keeping you stuck. This month practice that famous two-letter word, “No.” This is a good opportunity for you to really prioritize what you actually want to do versus what other people think you would be good at. You get stuck with a lot of extra work and jobs because other people see you as someone with wisdom, skills, and the ability to show up and be reliable. Just because you are all of those things does not mean that you have to do something that you don't really want to do. You get stuck in resentment when you take on things that you never wanted in the first place, and then you get stuck in inertia. This month say no when you really want to say no.


Capricorn: Cap you have let everything get too heavy recently. You're kind of stuck in that deep well of emotion that is singular to your sign. This month is all about having fun doing things that are light-hearted, getting out of the darkness. It's easy to get sucked into your own darkness as well as everybody else's, and start to feel like everything sucks. In reality it doesn't but you are stuck in that place of being too connected to other people's problems, it pulls you down, it brings your mood down and it makes you sad and tired. This month practice having some fun, practice focusing only on your own emotions, and getting clear about what are your problems to solve and what aren't.


Aquarius: Aquarius you get a little too stuck in the details. Time to let some things go. It doesn't matter if everyone remembered to turn off all the lights all the time. Everybody makes mistakes and the little stuff just really doesn't matter in the long run. It's okay this month to practice just letting go of little things that really bug you about other people. You can work on this by practicing intentionally becoming aware of the things that you really love about people. So when you feel yourself getting all nitpicky about something stop and ask yourself wait a minute ,what do I love about this person, what do I appreciate about them, what is it that keeps me coming back for more? You'll find that there's a whole lot less to worry about.


Pisces: Pisces you're stuck in a rut. You don't like change, you like things to stay the same and you like routine. That's not a bad thing, but sometimes it honestly gets boring, and that's when you really lose your spark. This month try some new things. Shake it up get, some variety in your life. Be intentional about doing things differently than you've done them in the past, go to different places, see different people, eat different food. Bringing variety back into your life will bring back the spark of creativity that you feel like you've lost recently, it's not gone it's just bored.

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