Manifesting Myths

When my parents were sick and dying I encountered several healers who implied that maybe we just hadn’t done the right work to heal them. Some implied that they must have manifested their cancers and we just needed to clear the belief that cancer exists in them. Besides being incredibly insensitive, their words were false and misleading.

The idea that we create illness in the body with our beliefs is ridiculous and hurtful. Our thoughts and beliefs are powerful, but they are not all powerful. Everyone gets sick sometimes, and we all die. No matter how hard we try to stay alive, everyone’s time comes eventually. You cannot release the belief that you will die and then live forever. That is not reality.


I have been hearing a lot about manifestation lately and am troubled by some of the things I am hearing. I believe in manifesting and I believe in releasing beliefs that hold us back, but I also know that we are not actually in control of everything that happens to us and around us. We can do “all the right things” and still get sick, lose a job or a loved one. That is part of life, part of being human.


Here are a few manifesting myths I want to dispel:


-No one creates illness in their body. This is a thoughtless way of blaming people for something they cannot control and it needs to stop. We are responsible to take good care of ourselves and do our best to create wellness, but that does not mean that we will never get sick.


-You cannot think things into existence. Manifesting takes action, hard work and perseverance. Making a request to the Universe and then sitting back to wait for the abundance to roll in is useless. We are part of the equation. We manifest things into our lives through inspired action.


-Manifesting takes willingness to receive and willingness to think outside the box. If we keep doing things the same way and getting the same result, we have to change something in order to receive.


-You can afford the luxury of a negative thought. It is a myth that thinking negatively or having a bad day will bring bad things into your life. Of course work to stay positive, but we also need to be real express our true emotions and validate ourselves.


Manifesting should bring positive things into our lives, motivate and inspire us. In some ways the “rules” of manifesting have slipped into another way to be too hard on ourselves and others. Let’s drop the judgement and find ways to accept our realities. We can always work to bring change, but we should never feel like we are to blame for the things that happen to all humans. 

I went deeper with this topic on my radio show,Kindred Spirits.


Watch the show here!

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