Hot and Bothered

The energy of July is really heating up. Everything seems to be escalating quickly with just too much stimulation. Too much heat, too much emotion, too much, well everything. Let’s talk about strategies to bring down the intensity in our lives, whether it be physical, emotional or energy.

The feeling of intensity is powerful, inspiring and uniting in many ways, in the short term. Over time intensity leads to irritation, frustration, anger and explosive outbursts of emotional energy. Summer always increases intensity for me. I notice that I am easily irritated, have road rage and in general want to hide in the basement when the sun becomes intense. This can be a time of great inspiration for some, but for me it is a time to practice my skills to lower intensity, de-escalate and communicate rationally. If you are feeling the intensity and need to dial it down, here are a few tips to help out.


-Slow down. When everything seems to be going too fast, be intentionally slow. Take time to respond to that irritating message, back off in traffic, and stay home when you planned to go out if you just can’t take anymore.


-Be prepared. If you get easily overwhelmed have a game plan in case you are out and can’t get to a place to slow things down. Carry ear buds and music on your phone that brings you back to yourself, keep an essential oil in your bag that is grounding, like Cedar or Sandalwood.


-Speak up. If you are feeling overwhelmed, say something. Ask for a break, bow out. Learn to predict yourself, if you can feel an emotional blow coming, take a break to prevent it.


-Choose understanding. If things have become intense for you then the people around you are experiencing the same intensity. Recognize when someone has been caught up in the moment.


-Get creative. Use this powerful energy, channel it into something you love to do, go swimming, hike in the mountains, or clean out your closets. Burn off this excess energy in positive ways.


-Sleep. Get plenty of rest during this time, you body and mind need a break. Sleep is a great break from the intensity of the sun or the intensity of your life.


-Reach out. We all need support, tell someone if this is a hard time for you. Ask for support and understanding when you need some time to yourself.

I went deeper on this topic on my radio show, Kindred Spirits.


Watch the video here!

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