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Did you know that you have an energetic umbilical cord directly connected to Mother Earth? Well, you do! I am an Aura Reader. I spend a lot of my time reading people’s energy bodies. I have witnessed some really interesting things happening with our Earth Connections (Root Chakras) lately.

Have you been experiencing fatigue, lower body pain, anxiety, a feeling of disconnectedness and instability? Well, you are probably experiencing a Root Chakra shift that has been common in most people in the last few months. Likely your Root Chakra is shifted off to your left, kinking your Earth Connection, reducing the amount of energy you are drawing from the Earth. This contributes to all of the symptoms I listed previously. 


So, what do we do about this Root Chakra shift? There are several options. One is to wait it out, your physical body will eventually adjust to the shift and symptoms will ease up. Another is to seek out and energy healer like me for a Chakra Balancing and re-alignment. You can also work on this issue yourself. Here is an example of a meditation you can do to re-align your Root Chakra, working with the Earth goddess Gaia.


“Visualize Gaia's solid, grounding energy below you, red swirling energy in the center of the Earth.

Reach out to Gaia, sending energy down from your root chakra into the earth. Feel her connect to your root chakra, anchoring your life force energy to her.


Feel the life force energy of the Earth course through you, energizing and balancing you. Feel yourself connected to a network of energy coursing through the earth, joining all living things in a web of life.” 


You will notice after this visualization that you will feel balanced and connected and your Root Chakra shift symptoms will clear up. Our energy bodies are so fascinating!

I went deeper on this topic on my radio show, Kindred Spirits.


Listen to the show here!

Kindred Spirits-Root Chakra
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