Keeping Your Vibration Up

As an Aura Reader I see everything on a continuum of vibration. The higher we vibrate the closer we are to the divine. We function better in every way when we vibrate high. We don’t have great language to explain how things vibrate, but some words that help are light and energy.

We use descriptors to qualify light and energy and this is generally how we talk about vibration. Have you ever said that someone just took all of the light out of a room? If so, you know what it feels like to be in the presence of low vibrating energy. Have you ever said something like “The energy of that place makes me feel so good!” If so, you know what it feels like to be in the presence of high vibrating energy. 


In general, we all function at a baseline vibration that goes up and down depending on several factors. Our physical health, emotional state and environment have a significant influence on our vibration. So does our diet, drug and alcohol use and exposure to negative media. All stressful events impact our vibration as well. When I talk about raising your vibration I am referring to raising your baseline vibration. Fluctuations are always going to happen, but keeping your baseline high ensures energetic health. Energetic health supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Having a high baseline vibration is the best way to protect yourself energetically. When you vibrate high your Aura acts as a natural barrier to all things lower vibrating. You will always come into contact with lower vibrating energy, but when you vibrate high it cannot penetrate your Aura and you just walk away unharmed.


Here are some ways to keep your vibration high!


-Trust our gut, if something doesn’t feel good to you, don’t get involved. There is an element of your intuition in your Solar Plexus, it is focused entirely on what is best for you, trust that.


-Be willing to put yourself first, even if it is uncomfortable or others resist.


-Say no, it is much easier to stay out of a situation than it is to get out of a situation.


-Get active in choosing the people you want in your life. Seek out people who feel good to you.


-Use energy tools to protect yourself when you have to be in contact with people who bring you down.


-Learn energy healing skills to clear yourself and your space to keep your vibration high.


-Expect people to treat you with respect.


-When you are job hunting, pay attention to how you feel in the environment, how you feel in the presence of the interviewer or on the phone with the company. If you feel heavy, sad, anxious, angry, or in pain afterward, this may not be the right job for you. If you feel happy, light, excited or peaceful, this employer is a good energy match for you.


-Work through feelings of guilt or shame that keep you in bad situations. Talk with a trusted advisor about this and make a plan to remove yourself from the situation.


-Your job is to develop your own happiness, passion and goals. You don’t owe anyone else anything. We are all responsible for ourselves.


-Release relationships that drain you. There should be give and take in every relationship. If you are giving and giving with nothing in return this relationship is bringing you down.


I went deeper on this topic on Kindred Spirits.


Watch the video here!

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