The Great American Eclipse

I live in a small town in Idaho, there are about 60,000 people here. We happen to be one of the best viewing sites for the Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017. Our local officials have been preparing for an onslaught of about 500,000 people to visit our community for over a year. There have been City Council meetings, community town hall meetings, visits from Homeland Security and NASA. 

The news has been reporting for months on local preparations and what to expect. I have seen some hilarious questions posed to city officials. Things like “I heard people are applying for permits to sacrifice animals and humans during the eclipse, do I need to be worried about my dog?” I mean, seriously people, get a grip! Grocery stores are making a mint as people stock up on the necessities and gas stations have raised their prices by quite a bit. Locally we have been joking about the eclipse-apocalypse for a while. People are excited and terrified and seem to think this has never happened before. Honestly, eclipses happen all the time, we just don’t always get to see them happen.


I feel the pressure rising in the energy around me. It feels like something is coming to a head, and I hope it is a good thing. I have felt this energy of impending change before, sometimes something explosive happens, and sometimes it is just the beginning of movement forward. Something that I know to be true about eclipses, they bring the darkness into the light. They give us a chance to see what is hidden. This can be shocking, something we thought was long dead, rears it’s head. This is how true change occurs. We have to see what is really at the heart of an issue, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I shared my experience with the eclipse on my radio show, Kindred Spirits.


Watch the video here!

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