Time Lines and Free Will

As a young teen I loved to read Choose Your Own Adventure novels. It was fascinating to see how the outcome of the story shifted based on my decisions. It helped me learn about cause and effect, and really see how my choices had a direct impact on the future.

I would read the same novel several times and make different choices to see what would happen. I was amazed at how a seemingly bad choice sometimes led to the best outcome and making all the “right” choices didn’t always mean that everything turned out ok in the end.


The future is not fixed. Our lives are not an exercise in making all the right choices so everything turns out ok in the end. It is much more complicated and at times random than that. I understand the need to believe that if ‘I just do everything right I will be happy in the end,’ but that may not actually be the case. Have you ever made a choice that you regretted? Have you noticed that if you just let things play out long enough, that choice ends up sending you in a better direction? 


Free will is a Universal Law that we all live by. We have free will and so does everyone else. Free will and the law of cause and effect are the reason the future is not fixed. Every time we exercise our free will on our lives, or the lives of others, the law of cause and effect comes into play. Choices and actions have consequences and sometimes those consequences have a large impact on many people at once.

Here is an example from my own life to illustrate Free Will and Cause and Effect. Years ago I worked for a mental health agency that offered day treatment services to children and adults with mental health issues. I ran the adult program and other members of my family ran the children’s program. Several of us were working for the same agency in different capacities. It was a good job, I enjoyed my work very much and was working hard to make my program grow. The man who owned the company had a tendency to cut corners. He ignored state regulations and put his children's program in a building that was not zoned correctly for his type of business. He also renovated the building without a permit or inspections. He used his free will to ignore the very strict state regulations for children’s programs. One day the staff of the children’s program arrived to find the doors locked and a note on the door indicating the program had been closed due to non-compliance. Cause and effect, ignore the rules, get shut down. He closed his entire agency, and all of his employees were out of a job over night. His free will affected all of us, resulting in significant financial hardship for all of us. We were all working hard at our jobs, working to make the programs grow, but what mattered in the end was his unwillingness to follow the rules.


Free will and cause and effect have a direct impact on determining the timeline and outcome of a situation. When I have a question in a reading regarding a timeline I always preface my answer with, this is how it looks right now, but the choices and actions of other people can change everything. Nothing is fixed. As a psychic I will give you the most likely timeline and outcome, but remember that your choices and actions and the other people involved can change everything. Some of the most difficult situation to predict are jobs, real estate and legal matters. The more decision makers there are in a situation the more challenging it is to predict. I check in with the hearts of those involved wherever possible, which gives me the clearest information about where someone stand, but when there are unknown people and variables involved it gets more complicated. In my opinion it is better to ask “What can I do to get the best outcome in a situation”, rather than ask ask when it will happen. Your choices and actions matter and directly impact the outcome. That is an area you can work on, the choices of others are often out of your hands.

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