Managing Disruption

I have noticed that recently things seem to be falling apart for many people that I know. Not just one crisis or disaster occurs, but a series of them that seems to impact nearly every area of their lives.

I have experienced this myself in the last month as have many people that I know. This is the energy of “Disruption.” At first glance it seems to be a time of negative and difficult experiences compounding one another, but there is another perspective that we must look at. When disruption occurs we are forced to look at our priorities, shift out thinking and at times experience moments of clarity and enlightenment. When we come out the other side we have left behind many things that no longer serve us and rebuild in a better way.


If you are facing the challenges of disruption in your life right now, please consider the following:


*Disruption can steer you in a new direction, the road blocks that appear may in fact be protective, steering you away from a situation that is not in your best interest.


*Have you over-committed to responsibilities that you can't/don't want to bear? Disruption is a way to shake loose everything that is not truly important in your life, freeing you from responsibilities and obligations that take you are time and energy away from what you truly want.


*Disruption forces you to assess your priorities in a crisis situation, you may be surprised what you keep when you don't have time to over-analyze.


*Disruption will show you the true nature of your closest relationships. Strong relationships will get stronger and weak relationships may crumble. 


*Disruption sheds light on weak foundations, when everything falls you have the chance to re-build on a firmer foundation that can truly support you.


*Disruption is evidence of the inevitable change we all experience. It is not the change, but how you react to it, that is transformational. Keeping your thoughts positive and looking for the silver-lining in every experience is key. Honor your emotions and then choose a positive response to what you have experienced.


*Disruption does not last forever, remember to be grateful for everything you learn from it and to be grateful for the new perspective you have gained through the experience.


Blessings, Kristi

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