Acceptance in Action

Looking back on the year, taking stock of where you have been and where you are going is a natural part of celebrating the new year. This is the time of year we tend to make resolutions, set goals and look at what we want to improve about ourselves.

This year I challenge you to work with the concept of acceptance. Accepting yourself and your life just as it is right now.


We live in a world that teaches us that we should always be striving for bigger and better. We need to be more, get more, achieve more. This makes us a stressed out, unsatisfied species. I suggest that if we simply take the time to accept ourselves, just as we are right now, we will be happier. It doesn't mean we never change, but it does mean that we allow natural growth and progression. It is ok to stop trying to force everything to happen right now. It is also ok to accept yourself, there is nothing wrong with you.


I have been thinking about 2018, the energy and the stone of the year. I usually choose a word that sums up the energy and a stone to support that energy. My word for this year is actually a phrase. “Acceptance in Action.” This may seem like an oxymororn but actually, acceptance is the first step in making a change. We have to accept our current situation before we change it. If we refuse to accept whatever our normal is right now, we never actually move forward. 


2017 has been a year of resilience, a year of recovering from painful, difficult and shocking experiences and information. I have many times been shocked by reality, in disbelief about the state of my community and country. 


Now I am actively practicing acceptance, awareness of where I am at in my beliefs about human rights, spirituality and so many other things. I am also actively accepting where my community and country seem to be at in the same areas. Let me be clear, acceptance is not agreement. Acceptance is acknowledging a starting point, an understanding of what is real, in spite of appearances. Once I have accepted a situation, I am free to begin to change it. Disbelief and denial get us nowhere. We must accept, and then act to make the changes needed in any situation.


The stone I have chosen to support the energy of Acceptance in Action is Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla starts out as copper, and over the millennia it is transformed into a stunning blue/green stone. Chrysocolla supports acceptance and surrender to current circumstances. It also encourages lasting change through slow and methodical growth.

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