Kindred Spirits

I use the phrase Kindred Spirits all the time. I use it to refer to my guides, my radio listeners, and my friends. To me kindred Spirits are people who see and feel and understand each other at a soul level. I am blessed to have many kindred spirits in my life.

I refer to my guides as kindred spirits. They are the energies that guide me and assist me in reading and healing people. This group of kindred spirits has been growing in size since I was in my early 20’s.


My first Kindred Spirit was Archangel Michael. I remember his energy around me, protecting me, many times as a child. At the time I did not know his name but I felt confident that I was safe because his presence was always near me. In my early twenties I started learning about Archangels and was stunned to discover that I had one with me, and I started to call him Michael.


As my spirituality developed so did my group of Kindred Spirits. Several other Archangels made contact, as did Goddesses, spirit animals and other entities. I spent hours in meditation communicating with these entities, learning from them, remembering my previous lives and gaining a clearer understanding of energy. Many of the skills I use in energy healing came from these sessions.


They still come to me in reading and healing sessions for other people, but for my own guidance they are integrated in my mind, always there. I channel their messages almost daily. Sometimes all I have to do is open my mouth and out comes just what someone needed to know.


I have been speaking publicly my entire adult life on various topics. I practice stream of consciousness speaking, never with notes or a script, I just roll with the message that comes. Years of experience have taught me to trust my kindred spirits completely.


I have been writing meditations to help myself and others connect with kindred spirits for a long time. In my mind the next natural step was an oracle card deck that included my most active kindred spirits. That idea started 10 years ago. Parts of my oracle deck have been written for a long time. 

Something about the energy of 2018 opened me up in a way I have never experienced. I completed my oracle cards and guide book in 3 weeks. The information just rolled out of me in waves. 


I created the images for each card, they are fractal art. I finally found a way to express in visual form what my kindred spirits look like. I am really proud of the images, they just feel right to me.


I included cards to represent each of the 7 main chakras and the aura. My oracle card deck is all about energy in many forms, ourselves included. 


My oracle deck, Kindred Spirits Energy Oracle is now available. It is my honor to share this project with you. I know that the kindred spirits in this deck will be as transformational for you as they have been for me.

I share more about my oracle cards on my radio show, Kindred Spirits.


Watch the show here!

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