Compassion for YOU!

In my work as a professional Psychic and spiritual counselor I have noticed a trend lately. So many of my clients are striving constantly for growth, change and continuous self-improvement. I am all for the good work and happy to support, but want to suggest one edit to the constancy of striving for change.  We need time to adjust to change, to grow into our new selves, to recover from the upheaval that growth can bring into our lives. I offer you 5 ways to allow for  adjustment and rejuvenation while walking the spiritual path.

1. We are connected to the earth, the seasons and the tides just like all living things. Our planet gives us beautiful cycles of growth and then rest and renewal each day. Trust the cycles. Sleep when it is dark and work when it is light. Follow the energy of the seasons,  Spring is a time of renewal, summer is a time of action and growth, fall is a time to reap the rewards of our hard work and and winter is a time to rest, go within, and prepare for the spring.


2. All change, even the good kind, causes stress and requires time for adjustment. Work at changing only one thing at a time in your life. Set priorities and time lines and follow them. Recognize that your body and mind require time to adjust to new experiences, give yourself breaks between times of change to heal and recover.


3. When you feel like changing everything, change one thing. Give yourself time to adjust and then re-evaluate. Often when we feel dissatisfied with everything we just need to change one thing and watch the effect that one change has in every area of our lives.


4. There is nothing wrong with you, you are great, right now, this very moment. We get caught up in this idea of constant growth and self-improvement and forget to appreciate who we are, where we have come from and the growth we have already made. Take a break from striving for more and really appreciate who on you are right now.


5. Trust the process. Growth and change take time. Allow things to play out naturally. Don't push and recognize barriers as a message that you need to change direction. Divine timing is always at work in our lives, follow the synchronicities, don't force anything.

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