Managing Pain

We humans have an intimate relationship with pain. It brings us into this world, we experience it in a myriad of ways throughout our lifetimes, and it usually accompanies our deaths. We spend much of our time trying to avoid pain, but it is usually inevitable. Pain is intangible, we cannot see it, but it is one of the strongest sensations in our physical and emotional bodies. It can kill us, and it can also save our lives by alerting a problem. 

As a healer I find myself seeking new ways to alleviate pain, release it from the energy body in order to relieve the physical and emotional body. Some pain is so deep, so strong, that we can never escape it. A friend of mine succumbed to this kind of pain this week, taking her own life. She has been released from her pain, but the pain has just begun for her loved ones.


I have struggled with chronic pain for half my life. It is a constant with me, and although the daily management of it can be frustrating, it has been the driving force behind much of my work. My study and practice with the energy body was first for myself and has since become the work that I share with people all over the world. Pain has truly been a gift in my life, without it I would not have been so driven to learn and understand more and more and more about the human energy system and how its function affects our daily lives.


Here are some things I have learned about pain through my own experiences and observations.


-Avoiding pain only prolongs it, you cannot run from pain whether it be physical or emotional.


-Pain in the physical body often comes from dysfunction in the energy body. Return the energy body to balance and the physical pain can be relieved.


-Emotional pain is stored in the body if we avoid it. We will eventually have to feel and express it, sometimes in a very large quantity all at once.


-Pain is relative, we all experience it a little differently. Trusting someone about what hurts them and how much is key.


-Pain is a messenger, if we ignore it, it will get louder.


-We cannot take on the pain of someone else and hurt for them. When we try to do this, then we both hurt.


-Pain does not last forever, if we allow it, eventually it will abate.


Pain has been my greatest enemy and my best teacher. I continue to learn how to use it, relieve it and respect it.


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