Morgan Le Fay

Throughout my life I have experienced spiritual awakenings many times. Each time I added a piece to the puzzle, learning more and more about who I really am. This process will continue my whole life, I have no doubt. 

Several years ago I spent a summer with Morgan Le Fay. She started coming to me in meditation, offering to teach me about who I have been before, in order to really understand who I am now. This was a very intense experience, sometimes I would leave a meditation sweating and shaking. She took me deep into my own history and showed me who I have been before. 


It is important to remember that our previous life experiences have been varied, we are not the same as we are in this lifetime. It stands to reason that we have had experiences where we may have been a “bad” person, someone who had been hurt who does harm. She showed me things about my own past that shocked me, but it also helped me understand why I am who I am in this lifetime. She reminded me of things I had learned in previous lives, skills that have helped me as a healer in this lifetime. My time with her was transformational for me in so many ways.


I included Morgan Le Fay in my oracle deck, Kindred Spirits Energy Oracle because I wanted to share her with other people. My experience with has been life changing, I want that chance for everyone who is ready for it.


To connect with Morgan Le Fay use the image on the card to focus your energy. Remember that her energy is deep, she is the Goddess of deep Spiritual Mysteries. This connection takes concentration and zero distraction. It may take more than one try to make the connection, keep practicing, visualize the image and call her name in your mind. She will take you to places you have never been before. Some of this journey may be painful, stick with it, you will be rewarded with invaluable knowledge about yourself.


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