What now?

Have you ever come to the end of a big change, project, transition or loss, and then asked yourself, “What now?” We go through periods where so much energy and attention is placed in one area, and when that thing comes to an end it can feel like a big let down. 

If you have focused so heavily in one area, and now that focus is no longer needed, what do you do with all that energy? I call this time a period of transition, a time to re-evaluate everything in your life and actively choose what you want. When something significant happens we change, we learn and grow, and sometimes the things we thought were important no longer are.


As our priorities shift we can choose ourselves and the things that make us happy. After the deaths of my parents I shifted my priorities a lot. So many little things just didn’t matter anymore. My family, my health and my life’s work came into sharp focus for me.


If we have been living from one crisis to the next we have to re-learn how to live a calm, quiet life. When my Dad was on Hospice there were many panicked phone calls between my sisters and me. I never knew what to expect when the phone rang. After he passed I still felt that surge of panic when my phone rang, I felt nervous all the time for no reason. I changed my ring tone and started forcing myself to focus on other things. It took time to get used to a quiet, panic free existence. Now I truly value my boring life.


The bottom line is, “What now?” is whatever you want it to be. Use a transition period to do something you have always wanted to do, shift your priorities, let go of something, express gratitude or just rest. Just be sure to use the time to your advantage, you are more open to making yourself a priority, don’t lose the opportunity!


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