Making the Pieces Fit

My spirituality seems to be a puzzle that got mixed up with a couple of other puzzles. Some of the pieces fit and some of them don’t, no matter how hard I try to push them together. I have been doing some evaluating of my beliefs lately. I am changing and growing all the time, just like everyone else. 

The puzzle of my religion of birth is slowly being replaced by my chosen beliefs, but occasionally I find a piece that was shoved into a spot, but it doesn't actually belong there, the pattern doesn’t match. 


For a long time now I bristle at the word “God.” I don’t feel connected to that word and for me it does not represent the divine at all. Lately I have been doing some soul searching about what I do feel connected to, does it replace God? and does it really need to? In my estimation God was created by people, to explain things we don’t understand and to control. I don’t believe that there is a benevolent/vengeful/fatherly/punishing being in the sky watching over us and controlling our lives. What I see when I connect to a person to read their energy is in direct contradiction to this.


I think the concept of God lets us off the hook of responsibility for ourselves. If some divine being is actually controlling our lives then whatever happens isn’t really our responsibility. In my reality we are much more powerful than that. The divine isn’t something out there, separate from us, it is us. We all carry it, it is who we truly are.


When I look at someone, really look at them, I see a light inside of them that is divine energy, I see it in every single living being I have ever met. We can try to cover it, snuff it out or hide from it, but it remains. 


I don’t care if other people use the word God, but it isn’t in my vocabulary anymore. I think I am going to use “The Divine” from now on. At least until I find another puzzle piece that doesn’t fit.


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