Choices and Fear

Do you ever find yourself faced with so many choices that you have no idea where to begin? This has been a common theme with my clients lately, so I offer you these steps to narrowing down your options and choosing wisely.

First of all, take an honest look at your options and determine which ones are options you actually want vs. what other people think you should choose. You are in charge of your happiness and have to choose what you want. We all feel pressure from the people in our lives to choose what they think we should want, but in order to move forward on your path your have to be in charge of your choices.


Now that your have narrowed your choices down to the ones you want, put them in order of priority. What is the most important issue to address right now? Don't overwhelm yourself with too many choices and changes at once.


Lay out a step-by-step game plan, give yourself one decision to make. Choose what you want to do and give yourself time to adjust before moving onto the next item on your list.


Remember that very few choices are permanent, if you don't like the outcome, choose again! Many of us have a false belief that we have to live with our consequences. That is bunk, if you are not happy, choose again and move forward. We do not have to suffer for our choices, it is ok to forgive yourself.


If you just can't decide, wait a bit on that issue. There are times that we are just waiting for the right circumstances to fall into place before we can choose our next step. Sometimes you may feel like an airplane circling the airport, waiting for the weather to clear so that you can land. Trust the holding pattern, you will know when to act.


Use cards or a pendulum as divination tools to help you choose. Shuffle a deck of divination or tarot cards. As you shuffle ask a yes or no question and then draw 3 cards. 2-3 cards facing up is a yes and 2-3 cards facing down is a no. Hold a pendulum over your palm and ask the pendulum to show you a yes and note the direction the pendulum swings. Do the same with no. Now practice asking your pendulum yes and no questions to assist you in making your decisions. The pendulum and cards read your energy body, so you are essentially getting the answers from yourself.


Trust your gut. Often you know the answer to the question you are asking but are afraid to trust yourself. Practice taking the leap and trusting your gut instinct. If you need to, call an advisor and get confirmation. We all need validation of our intuition sometimes. Use this as a way to learn to trust yourself.

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