Getting the Message

In the metaphysical community we talk a lot about getting a message. Getting a download, or some kind of insight that comes from somewhere. We don't have a lot of ideas about where that somewhere is or what it is. We all have different things that we are inspired by. But the one thing that we all talk about is getting a message.

How do you get a message? It's a question I've asked myself for a long time. I have received many, many messages throughout my lifetime, and received them for other people as well. But somehow it isn't the same as getting a voicemail or text message, or someone speaking directly to me. It's much more subtle than that, as I know you know.


There are so many different ways to receive a message, it's almost like you just have to be open to anything. Sometimes a touch on the top of your head or your shoulder, or a stranger saying your name as you walk past them a feather or a coin are always to receive a message.


Have you ever walked past someone in a grocery store or restaurant and they say a phrase to someone else, not you, and you realize that what they just said is exactly what you needed to hear? This happens to me regularly, I also hear messages and songs on the radio. I guess it just matters that the message gets through not how it gets here.


For a long time I thought getting a message meant something really important was about to happen. I have learned that that isn't always the case, sometimes it is something mundane like,

hold onto your cell phone or you're going to drop it in the water. This happened to me last week while I was getting a pedicure. While relaxing in the massage chair my phone was sitting on my lap. I had a premonition that I was going to drop my phone in the water, I literally saw it happen in my mind's eye. Did I put my phone in my purse and protect it?  No I didn't, I ignored the message and promptly dropped my phone in the water and destroyed it. Big or small, messages are important, and we should always listen. Just ask my phone.


If you feel like you aren't receiving messages, you're probably just missing the signal. Be open-minded about the way a message can come through. It might be a thought, it might be a feeling, it might be a song on the radio, a bird flying by, or someone's bumper sticker. It doesn't really matter how the message gets through it just matters that we hear it.

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