The Sacred Journey of the Heart

As a young Social Worker I worked for a program for survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. While facilitating a group for survivors of abuse I proposed the idea that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. Some members of the group nodded and acknowledged that their experiences had been an important part of their growth and assisted them in developing positive qualities.


One member of the group turned an icy glare on me and said very loudly “Why would I want to be in this place?!” She went on to say that she was miserable, her life was terrible and that everyone around her had hurt her and put her in this place. I responded with compassion and recognition that she just wasn’t ready to look at her experiences in a different way. 


Although she wasn’t ready to look at her life differently I saw many things that indicated that in spite of the fact that she had been through many painful things, she was a very strong and empathetic person. She was supportive and kind to her fellow group members and was regularly stepping in to assist others who were struggling. She was a loving mother who did everything she could on her limited income to give her children all they needed. She still saw herself as a victim, but I could see her as a survivor and a hero who took her experiences and used them to become strong and capable. She was living through her experiences, not letting them limit her. I wished that she could see herself as I saw her. 


Many times throughout my career as a Social Worker I saw my clients sitting in their victimhood, blinded by fear and anger and blame, unable to see themselves as they truly were, strong, loving people who had been honed by their life experiences, refined by the fires of hurt and pain, ultimately becoming some of the most loving, understanding and open people I have ever known. I attempted to reflect this back to them, but I knew that when they looked in the mirror they saw themselves as weak and broken. 


Many things led me to leave my career as a Social Worker. One of them was that the system I was working in seemed to be keeping people sick, encouraging victim thinking and discouraging using spirituality as a way through experiences to a brighter, lighter place. This held my clients down, but it also held me down. I needed to be free from a broken system in order to move forward myself.  


Now as a spiritual counselor and healer I have the opportunity to help people see who they really are. In order to do that, I am always working at seeing who I really am. I have embarked on my own sacred journey of the heart.  I have had my share of loss and grief and trauma. I have felt for a long time that the reason I have been through my challenges was two-fold. 


The first was of course my own journey of growth and understanding, connecting to my heart and forgiving myself and anyone else who may have hurt me. I choose to live in happiness and acceptance, I strive for understanding of the choices and behavior of others. Ultimately I know that everything in my life has and will happen for a reason. I choose to live in peace in my heart, I practice seeing my life from a larger, long term perspective that does help me understand. It is a journey that will last all of my life, and one I am blessed to be on. I could tell my story here, reveal all of my old wounds, but why? They are healed now and just make me who I am. 


The second reason is that in my own journey to re-connect with my heart I have connected with everyone else. I have found my path as a healer. I read auras, I literally see the divine spark in all of us. My perspective on everything has changed. The story is so much bigger than we know, I feel like I look at everything through a pinhole, the true reasons for and meanings of my experiences are so much broader than I can fully understand. This knowledge gives me peace, I have no doubt that there is a higher purpose for everything. I also know that everyone is good, I can see it in the hearts of everyone I come into contact with. I see the light in people who have done terrible things. This spark of love in everyone changed how I look at forgiveness. Even the darkest among us carry that light, there truly is a reason for everything.


To understand the sacred journey of the heart ponder the following:


-What is a sacred journey of the heart? It is a journey through your past hurts, a chance to really feel your feelings and release anger, guilt and fear. It is a process of forgiveness of yourself and anyone else who has harmed you and an opportunity to truly connect with you, your heart. It is a lifelong journey of learning to allow your emotions to happen in the moment with the understanding that they are energy that need to be expressed. It is also an opportunity to look at your life from a different perspective, to release yourself from victimhood and recognize that challenges and pain make us grow, make us strong, make us who we want to be. People who hurt us have also been hurt, it is a cycle that never ends. We can stay stuck in pain or recognize that there is something going on here, when we hurt each other we offer the chance for growth, understanding and empathy.


-How do you embark on a sacred journey of the heart? Make a choice to feel your emotions as they occur, practice forgiveness for yourself and others and reconnect to your heart as the guiding force in your life. Acknowledge and nurture your connections to all other living beings. Look back on past painful experiences, how have they made you who you are today, look for the silver linings, important lessons, growth and strength you have gained. Start new everyday, be kind to yourself, don’t use this journey as a reason to beat yourself up.


-How do you know if you need to embark on one? Are you human and and have a pulse? Are you shut off from your emotions, stuck in your head and disconnected from others? Are you unhappy? Are you in pain?


-What are the signs or indications that you are experiencing a sacred journey of the heart? You are choosing to feel your emotions as they occur, you are open to your connections with others, you are learning to see the big picture, understanding why we chose our experiences for our growth, forgiving others in order to free yourself from the bondage of victimhood.


-How does the sacred journey of the heart relate to the heart chakra? The Heart Chakra is a powerful antenna, we use it to feel our connection to others and to our higher selves, giving us access to greater understanding of ourselves, our path in this life and why we choose our experiences. When we live as heart-centered people we trust ourselves as the divine creator of our experiences. We feel the truth before our minds can know it and we experience the divine web of life, the connections we share with all other living beings.


Sacred Journey of the Heart Meditation

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. 


Allow your body to settle and your mind to go quiet.


Follow me on a journey to find the divine spark in you.  


Come with me as walk down a wooded path. 


Feel the cool air on your face, 

hear the pine needles crunch softly under your feet. 

Ahead you see a clearing. 


Standing in the clearing is a beautiful guilded mirror. 


Approach the mirror, stand in front of it and take in the picture before you. 

There you stand, the divine you. 

See the flame of your heart light flicker in the breeze. 

See the beautiful colors of your aura as they move and swirl around you. 

See the the powerful red cord of energy that connects you to the Earth. 

Note the silver thread that connects you to the divine. 


See the gold cord emanating from your heart. Follow it as it stretches out beyond you, see the billions of heart lights that connect to your heart cord. Feel the love the emanates from each of these hearts, feel the connection that you have to all of the others.


Take in the real you, the one that is the divine, the one that is infinite, the one that will live on beyond this lifetime. 


Take a moment to commit to yourself, your heart. Choose to feel your emotions as they happen, choose to remember who you really are. Choose to forgive all past hurts, choose to embark on your own sacred journey of the heart.


When you are ready, join me as walk back up the path, breathing in the scent of the trees and feeling the sun on your face.


Take 3 deep breaths, and open your eyes.


Once you have committed to embark on this journey do your research. There are many perspectives on the sacred journey of the heart, all with valid pieces of the puzzle. Remember, this is your journey, your choice, your heart. Commit to you, take what works for you and let the rest go. Never forget that we are all in this together, we are all connected and we are all divine.


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