Sometimes I forget that my experiences color my perception of everything. I forget that I am the only person to have the exact experiences I have had, therefore I am the only person who sees the world the way I do. I don’t mean to say that I am special, this is true for all of us. My own set of experiences have colored every other experience I will and have had in this lifetime. And don’t even get me started on all those other lifetimes. It is no wonder we have such a hard time seeing eye to about anything.

Even when we are all in the same place doing the same thing we are all having the same experiences slightly tweaked by our past, our personality, and every thought and feeling we have ever had. It’s a wonder we ever agree on anything.


Whenever I feel frustrated with someone who just can’t see a situation the way I do, I have to remember that they would literally need to be looking through my eyes for that to happen. 


Recognizing my own bias really helps me to be more understanding of others. Choosing to empathize and listen helps, but the experiences are still only a figment of my imagination if I haven’t had them myself.


Choosing to believe someone about how they feel and what an experience means to them is key to getting past our own perspective and allowing others to have their own. This is how we can grow to truly respect one another.

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