Kristi Brower started healing herself after a car accident in 1996. She didn’t get the help she needed from the medical community and went looking for alternatives. She learned about all kinds of alternative healing, but the modality that stood out to her was Energy Healing. She used her new found skills to develop her innate intuition and healed herself from a traumatic injury. This experience was the catalyst that catapulted her forward into a career of helping people. She completed her Bachelor’s of Social Work in 2002 and has been helping people ever since.


Kristi was a founding of owner of Healing Hands Reiki and Massage in Idaho Falls, ID. At Healing Hands Kristi found her voice as a teacher and healer. She taught hundreds of people how to heal themselves and others through Energy Healing. She developed her own modality, Insight Reiki in 2008 and had been teaching it ever since. In 2016 Kristi and her partners sold Healing Hands. This gave Kristi the time she needed to take her work to a bigger platform.


As a healer Kristi has completed thousands of hours of healing on a myriad of issues that include: relationships, trauma, family issues, work issues, spiritual growth, emotional health, physical health, and much more. Kristi’s work changes lives for the better, something that brings her great joy.


Sessions with Kristi always include spiritual counseling, problem solving, empowerment, intuitive hits and energy healing. Kristi believes that all people can heal and find happiness.


Kristi has worked as a Psychic Advisor at for 6 years. She loves helping people, and has found a great way to reach more people. She also teaches classes on Energy Healing at


In 2010 Kristi had her first experience on radio. Her first show was a co-hosted show with her sister Katie on Blog Talk Radio. The first episode of The Psychic Sisters received 10 callers asking for readings. Terrified and thrilled, Kristi and Katie answered every single call, and Kristi was hooked. She has been on talk radio ever since. After 18 months on Blog Talk, Kristi and Katie expanded their show to include Kristi’s wife Ronda and their youngest sister Kara. They hosted their show on CBS NewSky Radio for 6 months before finding in 2012. Kristi has expanded her talk radio voice to 4 weekly shows on 


Kristi recently founded Heart Light Coaching, her new program dedicated to helping people find the relationships they are looking for. Kristi knows that difficulty finding relationships that last is a tremendous challenge and she has the answer. Relationship problems are not usually about a relationship itself, there is something deeper that needs to be understood and healed. Kristi helps her clients find the underlying problem and solve it. This leads them to a place of loving themselves and finding partners they want.