Kristi Brower

It's not about being a psychic. For Kristi Brower, her gifts are not an answer. They are a method. They are something she utilizes - like her compassion and kindness, her intellect and problem solving skills - in the service of helping her clients live happier, healthier lives. Kristi is, as she has been in various ways her entire adult life, a healer. It's what motivates her and moves her. It's what she loves doing and what - along with her large network of family and friends - gives her life meaning. The fact that she is such a powerful psychic just means that she is very, very good at it.


A Reiki Master, accomplished Aura Reader and Master Crystologist, Kristi determines how her client's chakras are functioning and makes recommendations for lifestyle changes that will help bring balance to their energy systems.

Healthier. Happier. It sounds good doesn't it? Contact Kristi Brower and let the healing begin.

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