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I am looking for single women who are tired of repeating the same relationship patterns.


"I am a realist, a Social Worker, a coach and a healer. 


If you are ready to invest in yourself to break the pattern of negative relationships in your life for good, I can help you. I am looking for women who are truly ready to change, no more bullshit, no more games, just true freedom to have the relationship you want through deep personal work and real solutions. Are you ready? Fill out the application below to see if you qualify for a free consultation."


Only serious applicants apply.


If you qualify you will receive instructions to schedule your consultation call.





What Kristi's clients are saying:


"Kristi taught me how to let go of the responsibility of everyone else and focus on me." 



"As I progressed I was proud of how I became better at setting clearer boundaries with people and communicating how I truly felt about things without feeling bad about it."



"I learned to value myself  more, that I matter and my emotions matter.  I learned to notice my anxiety and how to keep it in check with several tools.   I learned to value myself enough next time to notice if something in a relationships isn't good for me and to move on.  I also learned to listen to my intuition."


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