Heart Light Coaching

Are you ready to break the pattern of negative relationships?

Join Kristi Brower, Social Worker, Master Healer and expert on humans for an 8 week journey into yourself and how you develop, maintain, and keep relationships for good. You will meet with Kristi on video, over Zoom, to walk through your relationship challenges and develop real solutions tailored specifically to you. Kristi will provide teaching, spiritual counseling, energy work and real world solutions and guidance.


Areas Kristi will address with you in 8 weeks:


-Your past relationships and how they impact you now


-Your beliefs about yourself and relationships and how impact your choices, and how to change that


-How your thoughts are keeping you in patterns you don't want


-Emotional acceptance of yourself


-Choosing you in order to be happy


-When to leave and how to do it in a way that is positive for you


-How to attract someone you really want to be with


-How to identify a bad relationship from the very beginning 


-and so much more...

Heart Light Coaching One-on-One Sessions

Use this link to pay per one hour session for Heart Light Coaching. Kristi recommends a minimum of 8 weeks to accomplish your goals, this can be spread out over more than 8 weeks if necessary. You will receive an email confirmation and instructions for scheduling your session.


Heart Light Coaching 8-week Series

Use this link to pay for 8 weeks of Heart Light coaching with Kristi. You will receive an email confirmation and instructions for scheduling your sessions.


Questions? Email Kristi findyourheartlight@gmail.com

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