27. July 2018
I grew up in a religion that taught me that I didn't have authority over myself. I was taught that there were men who had power and authority over me, and they were who I went to for Revelation, for guidance, and ultimately who knew better what was best for me than I did.
14. July 2018
Sometimes I forget that my experiences color my perception of everything. I forget that I am the only person to have the exact experiences I have had, therefore I am the only person who sees the world the way I do. I don’t mean to say that I am special, this is true for all of us. My own set of experiences have colored every other experience I will and have had in this lifetime.
23. June 2018
As a young Social Worker I worked for a program for survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. While facilitating a group for survivors of abuse I proposed the idea that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. Some members of the group nodded and acknowledged that their experiences had been an important part of their growth and assisted them in developing positive qualities.
09. June 2018
A few years ago a friend of mine completed suicide. She was one of the kindest people that I have ever known. She spent her entire life caring about other people, being aware of other people's needs and emotions, and always being there for someone when they needed it.
04. June 2018
This week on Kindred Spirits I will share my story about the goddess Luna. Luna came into my life at a time when I needed to better understand my personal power as a woman. She helped me over come childhood conditioning that taught me that my options were limited because of my gender.
19. May 2018
In the metaphysical community we talk a lot about getting a message. Getting a download, or some kind of insight that comes from somewhere. We don't have a lot of ideas about where that somewhere is or what it is. We all have different things that we are inspired by. But the one thing that we all talk about is getting a message.
14. May 2018
Do you ever find yourself faced with so many choices that you have no idea where to begin? This has been a common theme with my clients lately, so I offer you these steps to narrowing down your options and choosing wisely.
07. May 2018
For as long as I can remember I have had an invisible protector. As a child I had no idea who this was. Many times in my life I have had the risk of a car accident or other injury that did not happen. I have several times had experiences in my car where I fully expected to be in a wreck and things worked out so that I was not.
30. April 2018
My spirituality seems to be a puzzle that got mixed up with a couple of other puzzles. Some of the pieces fit and some of them don’t, no matter how hard I try to push them together. I have been doing some evaluating of my beliefs lately. I am changing and growing all the time, just like everyone else.
16. April 2018
Have you ever come to the end of a big change, project, transition or loss, and then asked yourself, “What now?” We go through periods where so much energy and attention is placed in one area, and when that thing comes to an end it can feel like a big let down.

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