18. September 2017
I have been studying, teaching, healing and reading professionally in the metaphysical community for 20 years. I have watched as gurus rise and fall. Fame and devotion develop and fall away.
11. September 2017
As a young teen I loved to read Choose Your Own Adventure novels. It was fascinating to see how the outcome of the story shifted based on my decisions. It helped me learn about cause and effect, and really see how my choices had a direct impact on the future.
21. August 2017
I live in a small town in Idaho, there are about 60,000 people here. We happen to be one of the best viewing sites for the Solar Eclipse on 8/21/2017. Our local officials have been preparing for an onslaught of about 500,000 people to visit our community for over a year. There have been City Council meetings, community town hall meetings, visits from Homeland Security and NASA.
14. August 2017
I recently attended a community gathering called “Our Community Cares.” We gathered in response to several hateful events that had occurred in our community and our nation. One in particular had been the dissemination of pro Nazi/white supremacist fliers in our town. In attendance were many familiar faces, activists, community organizers, ministers and community leaders who always come together to show our community that we exist, people who love all people.
07. August 2017
As an Aura Reader I see everything on a continuum of vibration. The higher we vibrate the closer we are to the divine. We function better in every way when we vibrate high. We don’t have great language to explain how things vibrate, but some words that help are light and energy.
22. July 2017
Did you know that you have an energetic umbilical cord directly connected to Mother Earth? Well, you do! I am an Aura Reader. I spend a lot of my time reading people’s energy bodies. I have witnessed some really interesting things happening with our Earth Connections (Root Chakras) lately.
15. July 2017
The energy of July is really heating up. Everything seems to be escalating quickly with just too much stimulation. Too much heat, too much emotion, too much, well everything. Let’s talk about strategies to bring down the intensity in our lives, whether it be physical, emotional or energy.
20. June 2017
When my parents were sick and dying I encountered several healers who implied that maybe we just hadn’t done the right work to heal them. Some implied that they must have manifested their cancers and we just needed to clear the belief that cancer exists in them. Besides being incredibly insensitive, their words were false and misleading.
05. June 2017
Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like you're walking through mud? Check your Energy Shift Scope every month to find a way to shift your energy. Shifting your energy creates movement in your life, it creates change, it creates growth, and it moves you forward toward your goals.
15. May 2017
We never "get over" losing someone close to us, but we can come to a place of acceptance. Accepting our new situation allows growth and happiness and encourages peace. We all come to acceptance in our own way. Sometimes we fight it, refusing to accept our new reality. Fighting to keep something that no longer exists simply causes us pain and keeps us stuck. We first have to admit defeat and then we can begin to accept.

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