Master Healer Course with Master Healer Kristi Brower

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Kristi Brower is a Professional Psychic and Master Healer. She has been teaching healers for 12 years, and has taught hundreds of people how to heal with energy. Kristi sees each healer as an individual who has their own style. Kristi encourages her students to trust themselves and rely on their own intuition. Kristi gives you the tools and framework to become the healer you are meant to be. Learn more about Kristi here.


This is a 16 week class series that will cover all aspects of being an energy healer. You will gain vital skills, learn to truly trust your intuition and practice daily with a peer in class. You will also gain professional skills around ethics, boundaries and how to work with people in an effective and loving manner. You will complete approximately 100 healing sessions by the end of class, which gives you a significant amount of experience in a short time period.


Classes are live on Zoom on Mondays at 6:30 Pm PST.


You will communicate regularly with Kristi and your peers using an online forum. This gives you the chance to ask questions and share your experiences, as well as learn from others.


Not only will you be giving daily healings, you will also get daily healings. This class brings a chance for significant personal growth as you practice together with your peers. Be prepared to go deep and work on your own issues as much as you work with others on theirs.


This class takes commitment on your part. Please register only if you are prepared to attend all 16 classes and participate in daily healing assignments and reporting. Each class will be held in a Zoom meeting. Kristi will be on video so you can see what she is teaching. You will receive links to download each class in video and audio form. You must register for each class individually. The class link will be emailed to you each week.


Class Syllabus

 Month 1

-What is energy healing? How we make the connection, your intuition and how to follow it

-Self Healing skills

-Distance Healing skills for people, situations, relationsionships, and spaces

-Overview of the energy body


Month 2

-Basics of healing with crystals

-Specific stones and their properties

-Color and how to use it

-Basic crystal lay out skills for in-person and distance sessions


Month 3

-Healing specific chakra issues

-Understanding and healing the aura

-Using visualization and intention to make energetic change

-Healing anxiety and depression, pain, and specific organ issues


Month 4

-Cords and attachments, what are they and how to clear them

-Dark Entity attachment clearing


-Professional skills, communication, pricing and boundaries

What students are saying...

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn energy healing from a Master Healer such as Kristi. Although her credentials speak for themselves, I would add that she is an excellent teacher; concise, patient, and very approachable. I am especially grateful for her open, genuine, and compassionate energy that calms my fears when doing the practice readings in front of the other students."


"Kristi, I love this class. I find friends I have not yet met and I am learning some amazing skills. I feel totally safe and supported while experiencing these tools and doing the exercises."


"I have just completed Kristi's 16 week Master Healer Class. This long commitment of weekly classes and daily practice is invaluable to learn new information , techniques and tools within energy healing. If you are already practicing healing this will only greatly enhance your healing work. Two Thumbs UP! Thank you!!"


"This class is really exciting I love this tight knit group and I love that we are able to share in everyone's experiences with energy work and healing."


"I am a professional psychic and advisor I started taking Kristi's energy healing classes about three years ago. When she offered this intense 16 week Master Healing Class I jumped at the chance. This course is very rewarding and validating because we get to work in tandem with other healers and students. The level of trust and safety in the group was outstanding and we all grew and healed and were healed a tremendous amount on many levels. The amount of knowledge and techniques provided and the practices are simply priceless. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is ready to take their professional healing skills to top notch ability. I would also recommend this class to anyone that is drawn to healing for themselves. This course is a HUGE commitment but it offers even more rewards than I could of ever imagined. I will be using these techniques for the rest of my life. Thank you Kristi for an incredible journey you are an amazing teacher! "

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Master Healer Course Registration

The next class begins on Monday, March 4th at 6:30 pm PST. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! Classes are $50 each, you have 3 options to pay. 

-$50 each week

-2 payments of $375, which is a $50 discount on total cost

-$700 for the full course, which is a $100 discount on the total cost


If you purchase each class weekly you must pay by Sunday evening at 8 pm PST in order to ensure access to class on Monday and receive the Zoom class info. Zoom is an app that can be used on your computer or phone. 


To register for the course just purchase one of the links below. You will receive email confirmation and instructions for joining the forum and links for the the first class on Zoom. If you have questions please email

Master Healer Weekly Class

Please purchase class by Sunday at 8 pm PST each week to ensure access to the class on Monday.


Master Healer Class 1/2 Class Tuition-$50 savings

Use this link to pay for the first half of The Master Healer Course (8 weeks). The second installment will be due by 8 pm PST on Sunday, the night before the 9th class.


Master Healer Course full tuition-$100 savings

Use this link to pay for the full tuition of the 16 week Master Healer Course.


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