Relationships for Spiritual People

Break the pattern of negative relationships and find your heart light.


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Do you feel like you have tried it all and you still don’t have the relationship you want? If you picked up this book you may have already been meditating, or taking classes on relationships and healing, and yet you still don’t have the relationship you want. Have you considered giving up and just living alone with your cat for the rest of your life? Don’t give up! There is hope for you in the pages of this book! You can have the relationship you want, and this book will show you how. Kristi Brower, Social Worker, Master Healer and expert on humans, will bring you the answer in ways you may not expect, but in solutions you will love.


In this book you will find:


*The truth about why relationships are hard for you and how to change that


*How your thoughts impact who you attract


*Why your past impacts your present


*Ways to use the metaphysical tools you love to change your energy and attract the right people


*And so much more!


Are you ready to truly heal your past, love your present and have hope for your future? Available soon!


Tired of repeating the same patterns? Ready to get the relationship you want?


Breaking negative patterns is my specialty!



“Kristi Brower’s new book Relationships for Spiritual People, is small yet powerful. In a concise and readable format Kristi Bower clears away myths and misunderstandings regarding relationships. Her wise words and insightful stories capture the many challenges we often face, and wounds we carry as we try to build new healthy relationship. With a blend of psychology and spirituality this books helps the reader explore and release old patterns and habits created from traumatic wounds, and leave the past behind. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to create a relationship built on love and honesty.”

Dr. Elisa Robyn

Author of The Way of The Well and Pirate Wisdom


“This book provides the reader with guidance on how to finally break the negative relationship cycle and attract the supportive love we seek! Brower’s years of experience in helping others through this process is evident. She gives us a sensible and to-the-point path on how to bring awareness to our energy and control who we attract. Heal from previous relationships, release old energy, and connect to the healthy love you deserve with this book.”

Chris Ce

Author of Get the F*ck on with Your Life


"A wise and thoughtful perspective on trauma in relationships. Readers are gently drawn to identify and examine their own trauma. The benefits to doing so are tangible and encouraging. Readers are left with tools to heal and hope for the future."

Katie Weaver

Psychic Advisor at


“This book is an essential resource for anyone who wants to build healthier relationships through a spiritual lens.  Even beyond romantic relationships, I found myself applying the concepts in my professional, family, and friend relationships.  Kristi's guidance offers equal parts of caring and deep experience in an accessible, step-by-step, approach.  Highly recommended!”

Heather Glidden

Author of Thrive In Your Healing Business


“I really got the sense that Kristi knows her reader well and I could feel her compassion jump off the page. This book is filled with client examples that I found to be very helpful in identifying my personal relationship with trauma and healing. The author delivers a very critical and heartfelt message that is relevant for any relationship. She doesn't leave out what I think are critical principles when looking to gain clarity about your personal connections with the people in your life  and these are the most important principles for being human; body, mind and soul "language. It's a truly grounding look into your relationship with yourself as well, and that's the most important relationship there is! I really enjoyed her whole hearted approach and her message and I believe it will help many people who are having trouble figuring out what might be blocking their path to lasting love.”

Angelina Lombardo 


Author of Love Letters to a Stripper

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