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How to use a Mala: Historically Malas are used for Mantra meditation, each bead represents a mantra. Hold your mala in your dominant hand and then slide each bead over your pointer finger toward the Guru bead (the large bead in the middle of your mala) while chanting your mantra. When you have reached the end of your beads, turn your mala over to start again, it is considered bad form to "cross" the Guru bead. Try the Mantra "Om Shanti Shanti Shanti." You can chant your mantra out loud or in your head.

This Mala is also very useful for concentration, and stress relief. Try sliding (clicking) your beads while working through a problem in your mind, or do it silently while relaxing your body. The repetitive movement is a great way to relax your mind and your body.

You can activate the reflexology points in your hands by wrapping your mala around your palm and then rolling the beads back and forth between your hands. This is a great way to ground and energize yourself.

Custom Mala

Custom Mala

Not sure what you want? Want something specific? Email with requests or you can ask for suggestions and I will make you a mala that resonates with your energy body.

Custom Mala


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