"I have spent many years trying to learn how to heal myself, love myself, and be happy.  It brings me a lot of joy to report that this is the most effective thing I have found.  Kristi gives feedback, validation, attention, and noticeably cares.  If you want some serious guidance on how to get past traumatic roadblocks as well as real assistance in healing, this is the program to join."


Kristi is "'da bomb!" She is always there, available and eager to help in guiding you in your life's purpose. I have had 5 sessions with her this year, and am starting to see the results!!! A Quantum Leap is happening in my life, and Kristi is a pinnacle part of that success. Thanks Kristi... You are 'da BEST!!!!!

Love those e-mail readings as they are such a great combo of effective energy work/clearing and accurate and helpful information. Thank you!

Kristi is awesome. She even threw in a couple of extras. I would highly recommend a reading with her.

Kristi is the best! She actually takes an invested interested, and truly cares. She makes me feel that my success is her success! I have been working with her for the past month on detaching cords from me, clearing my energy and raising my vibration. Plus, I have been getting psychic advice on which paths to take to move my love life and career along quicker. Small miracles have happened, and I am sure bigger ones are around the corner! Love you Kristi!!!

I just had a really worthwhile 10 minute session with Kristi. She is amazingly talented, insightful and kind, yet didn't tell me what I wanted to hear, but rather what I knew in my heart to be true. Four stars! XO

I just had a Kindred Spirits channeled reading by Kristi and it was so insightful. It was really nice to see which guides and Angels have been helping me along my spiritual path and their messages for me, and that brought great comfort to me. Kristi was also able to help me figure out a suspicious-looking orb in a picture I sent to her and a video of my dog interacting with Spirit, which was another great bonus of what she can do!

Extremely happy about the clearing , etc. you did with my oldest daughter - a miracle. What a blessing that call was in so many ways. Love and blessings to you!

Yesterday I completed a session with Kristi to have her detach a man from me. I had removed my own etheric cords a year ago, but he wouldn't go away. He kept draining my energy. Kristi was kind, gave fabulous advice, and took care of removing his energy to me, giving me back my high vibration energy that I am accustomed to. Last night I slept better than I have in YEARS! Thank you Kristi!!!!

Kristi is my big sister. She is there to listen, to guide me, and to send me love.

I had a 2015 forecast email reading done by Kristi, which was my first service from her. I was amazed at everything she mentioned, from what I had been going through in the last couple of years and how that's going to affect 2015 for me. Her guidance was very inspiring and will help to keep me charging through the new year. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and will be following up with her myself in the future.

Simply AMAZING. If you need to get unblocked, Kristi is the person to release you. No more waiting.